Nothing is more important than our employees' and terminal stakeholders' health and well-being. “Safety first” is who we are and how we conduct our daily business.

We are 100% committed to safe and sustainable operations: Your safety, health, and well-being are our priority. We are dedicated to protecting the people, assets, and environment entrusted to our care, striving for zero harm. 

ILWU banner for intolerable behaviors

All employees, contractors, and visitors at Husky Terminal shall be treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy. Husky Terminal has zero tolerance for:

  • Bullying, intimidation, or other improper behaviors
  • Verbal and physical assault
  • Impairment on the job of alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions
  • Vandalism or pilferage
Protect yourself and others

There are no accidents - only incidents or near misses, and each provides an opportunity to learn and become better:

  • Through observations, we target where failure will occur;
  • When an incident occurs, we will respond deliberately and purposefully;
  • Post-incident communications, key learnings, and actions for all incidents;
  • Strive to achieve the top of a hierarchy of controls – eliminate, remove, or isolate hazards.
Workforce Appreciation and Safety Luncheon

Husky Terminal, in partnership with our qualified workforce partners, does the following to ensure safe and sustainable operations in pursuit of zero harm to our people, environment, and community:

  • Lead by example and take initiative
  • Demonstrate a passion and genuine care for the well-being of each other
  • Partner and actively engage with one another
  • Accountability for ourselves, our employees, and our contractors
  • Recognize and celebrate successes
Report Safety Concerns


Husky Terminal actively participates in the following national, west coast, and local Pacific Northwest associations or agencies. We are also actively engage and participate in Safety Committees with our respective workforces.