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Our Commitments to Progress

At Husky, we steadfastly ensure sustainability is incorporated into our operations, culture, and stakeholder relationships.

The Numbers

Icon: Acres4Hybrid-electric
Icon: Acres70%Electricity Reduction through LEDs
Icon: Acres2040Net Zero
Icon: Acres164MGallons of
Stormwater Treated
Icon: Acres1stShore Power
Terminal in Tacoma

Terminal Upgrade + Modernization

While we take pride in our highly efficient operations, our activities also contribute to our carbon footprint. Striving for continuous improvement, we started quantifying our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2021, and have now implemented concrete actions that allow us to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions every year. In 2022, Husky began replacing its traditional diesel RTG Cranes fleet with 4 new Hybrid-Electric RTGs. In 2024 we will taking possession of an addition 8 RTGs.

Line drawing of Mt Rainier

Yard Light LED Retrofit

Improved energy efficiency can significantly reduce emissions. As a responsible entity, we must seize each opportunity to reduce energy consumption on the terminal premises. One of our completed initiatives improved our lighting system by installing eco-friendly LED on our masts, cranes, and building facades. The 70% reduction in electricity consumption provides savings equal to 93 homes being powered for an entire year.

Hybrid-Electric RTGs

With freight movement at the core of our business, one of the best ways to reduce our carbon impact is to improve the fuel efficiency of our operations. In 2022, Husky began replacing its traditional diesel RTG crane fleet with a plan to acquire 12 new Hybrid-Electric RTGs.

Shore Power

Sustainability and environmental stewardship start at our berth and extend to our backlands. As the first terminal in Tacoma to provide shore power, we can provide our carrier partners a carbon impact reduction where 90% of the output comes from hydroelectric power.


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