June 5, 2023
Brenda Martin

She served Husky Terminal diligently and with professionalism for the past 5+ years, capping off a remarkable 20+ years in the maritime industry. Brenda began her journey in the industry at APL in 1997 and quickly progressed, taking on increased responsibility over her career. Many great operators emerged from Brenda’s tutelage and mentorship, with several advancing to senior roles in the marine terminal industry. She received the Teacher of the Year award for the MTOP (Marine Terminal Operations Professional), a professional designation program at Cal State Long Beach in California.

Husky has been truly blessed to be led by Brenda. She leaves both an incredible legacy and, more importantly, a foundation upon which others can build. Words cannot describe the impact she's had on our organization and team.

Enjoy your time off, Brenda. You've earned it, and thank you for making Husky what it is today!