Headshot of Philip Styf

As the visionary Director of Information Technology at Husky Terminal, Philip Styf spearheads our technology initiatives, infusing innovation into our operations and empowering our dynamic team. With a strong focus on technology-driven solutions, Phil leads the oversight of all Information Technology projects while taking on direct accountability for company-wide cybersecurity and data confidentiality.

Bringing over 25 years of extensive expertise in information technology, data security, and compliance, Phil has spent the last 17 years excelling in diverse I.T. management roles. Despite being relatively new to the maritime industry, he's rapidly bridging the gap by leveraging his career deeply rooted in technology.

Phil's passion for delivering seamless solutions is palpable as he drives the adoption of cutting-edge advancements in the maritime realm. His collaborative approach involves working closely with cross-functional teams, tapping into their diverse expertise to streamline processes and ensure the efficient operation of Husky’s I.T. infrastructure.

Phil’s ultimate goal is to make technology not only a cornerstone of support but a driving force behind our business objectives. His strategic vision aligns seamlessly with our mission to transform the maritime landscape.

Beyond his professional achievements, Phil finds solace in nature through hiking and camping. He brings this same passion for precision to his home kitchen, crafting culinary masterpieces for his family. An avid homebrewer, he combines creativity and technique to concoct beverages that delight the senses. When not immersed in these pursuits, he valiantly guards his furniture against the enthusiastic presence of his beloved Great Danes.

Phil is not just a Director of Information Technology, but an innovation enthusiast who is shaping the future of Husky Terminal through technological advancement and unwavering dedication.